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Reader Reviews : Best Cheap Wines

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Pinching pennies is nothing new, but with the current recession bringing an influx of tighter budgets, more people are choosing to dine at home and budget-friendly wines are all the rage. What about you? What are your favorite cheap wines? Which wallet-wise, wine finds do you buy for yourself or recommend to friends and family these days? We'd love to know, share your top cheap wine recommendations here. Already have a favorite cheap wine, but looking for a few more value driven wine recs? Check out the Top 20 Value Wines Under $10.

Terra Noble Cabernet Sauvignon

Terra Noble Cabernet Sauvignon offers an intense and deep color and nice aromas such a red fruit and pepper, tobacco and oak. It has smooth tannins, very fresh and fruity, which gives the wine a good…More

Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc

Terra Noble Sauvignon Blanc offers a pale yellow color with greenish tones. It has attractive fruity aromas with a touch of peach notes. It’s a fresh wine, with a balanced natural acidity, medi…More

Capa Tempranillo

Capa Tempranillo - I think people are catching on - 6.99 a bottle...I was buying a case at a time...amazing wine - this wine at double or triple the cost would be a go to for any occasion - but at 6.…More

Barefoot Moscato

Barefoot Moscato is my favorite budget-friendly dessert wine. It's got a light, fruity flavor, is good for those who love wine and those who are new to it, and is delicious with everything, but espec…More

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc

Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc is one of the finest---least expensive wines I've brought to my palate. Not only is it affordable but it is simply delicious. Perfect for appetizers, light meats, seafood, and…More

Best Cheap Wine

These days, the best and cheapest way to buy wine is online. When you buy wine online you can make bulk purchases. Wine never goes bad. In fact, the longer you store the wine, the better it ages and …More

Best Cheap Wines

I like Yellow Tail. It is inexpensive, and has great flavor and taste for the money. In the summer here outside of Tucson, Arizona, west of the Tucson Mountains in the desert, I like to have their Ro…More

Best Cheap Wines

Gallo's Pisano--Good "jug" wine for "sittin and sippin". I'm not much of a red wine person but this one is just right to mix with fruit for a sort of sangria or with a good old Wyoming steak. Found o…More

Best Cheap Wines

I buy Fisheye in the box, at 3L for $14.49. You can't go wrong for a basic every day wine with Fisheye.…More

Best Cheap Wines

I really have taken to Spanish Riojas of late, particularly Montebuena, which is currently on sale at my local retailer for about $8.99. There are several that are very reasonably priced, and to my p…More

Best Cheap Wines

Excelsior Cabernet, under $10, and the BEST value Cabernet there is out there. I always have this wine on hand, especially for parties, as it's really a crowdpleaser. Even my wine pro friends were sh…More

Best Cheap Wines

White Truck and Mirassou tend to be my favorite budget wines in the white wine category and Mondavi and Smoking Loon are my favorites for cheap reds. I love that I can find all four producers virtual…More

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