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Wine: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Refreshing Sangria Recipe All Your Friends Will...
The beauty of the basic Sangria recipe is that it is as delicious as it is easy , and it only gets better
A Simple Sangria Recipe Your Guests Will Love
This Sangria recipe is perfect for big summer parties - always a favorite, you may consider doubling the recipe.
A Simple and Tasty White Wine Sangria Recipe
Basic White Wine Sangria Recipe
Yes, You Can Drink Sangria All Year Round
Sangria recipes come in all shapes, sizes, with about as many variations as they are ideas; however, the common denominators in the vast majority of Sangria recipes are wine, fruit and bubbly water or soda.
Basic Mimosa Recipe
It doesn't get any easier than this, the basic Mimosa recipe calls for a bottle of your favorite champagne and orange juice. Two dashes of each and you are in business to celebrate a wedding, Mother's day, whatever the occasion - nothing says fancy brunch like a Mimosa.
Layer Cake Wines
Layer Cake Wine
20 Good Value Wines Under 10 Bucks
Check out some of the 20 best value wines, under the $10 mark, on the market.
Moscato Wine
Moscato Wine
Red Wine Basics
red wine basics
Just Peachy White Wine Sangria Recipe
White wine sangria recipe with peaches
Best Moscato Wine Reviews
Best Moscato Wine Reviews
The Top 10 Ways You Can Tour Napa Valley and...
10 Ways to Tour the California Wine Country: Napa Valley and Sonoma County
Sweet White Wines
Sweet White Wines
Have You Ever Wondered How Many Calories are in...
How Many Calories Are in a glass of Wine?
Red Wine Poached Pear Recipe
wine poached pear recipe dessert wine recipe
Super Fruity Sangria
This Sangria recipe maximizes the fruit content and adds a new twist, using a white wine, instead of the traditional reds (however, if you are a red wine fiend - feel free to still use your favorite red). Buckle-up for a fruit-punch like flavor that is perfect for a backyard BBQ this summer.
Champagne and Sparkling Wine Basics
Champagne and celebrations go hand-in-hand. Find out how Champagne is produced and grab a few suggestions for buying and pairing Champagne with your next celebration.
Pairing Wine and Cheese
Pairing Wine and Cheese
Pinot Noir Wines
Pinot Noir is typically a light to medium-bodied red wine that boasts considerable meal pairing versatility. While a frail grape to grow, when harvested under ideal circumstances it promises to compliment many meals and social gatherings.
Wines for Easter
Wines for Easter
Dry Wines
Dry Wines
Best Wines for Sangria Recipes
Best Wines for Sangria Recipes
Top 10 Best-value Italian Wines
Interested in trying Italian wines, but not sure how to read the labels, determine the DOC or figure out who makes what where? Look no further, here are ten reasonably priced Italian wines to get you started.
Which wine has the least sugar?
Which wine has the least sugar?
Tips for Letting Your Wine Breathe
The whole concept of letting wine breathe, or aerate, is simply maximizing your wine's exposure to the surrounding air. By allowing wine to mix and mingle with air, the wine will typically warm up and the wine's aromas will open up, the flavor profile will soften and mellow out a bit and the overall flavor characteristics should improve.
Sweet Wines
Sweet Wines
Mulled Wine Recipe
Mulled wines, a seasonal favorite, learn how to make this classic mulled wine recipe - winter's best warming wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Sauvignon wines defined, described and recommended, along with food pairing suggestions to accompany your favorite Cabs.
Chardonnay Wines
An overview of chardonnay wines, complete with flavor descriptions, food pairing options and recommended chardonnays for under $15.
Sherry Wine 101
Sherry Wine Spain
Malbec wines defined.
Wine Serving Temperatures
Wine serving temperatures vary depending on the varietal and style.
Wine Calories
Wine Calories
11 Good, Cheap Cabernet Sauvignon for Under 10...
Cabernet Sauvignon recommendations priced from $6-10
How To Taste Wines
Learn the basics of wine tasting - look, smell and taste, it's that easy.
Pairing Wine & Chocolate
Some say it cannot be done, pairing wine with chocolate, but if you have the right wine to complement the right chocolate it can be a match made in heaven! Whether you are pairing a delicate white chocolate or a lively dark chocolate with wine, there are a few pairing tips to keep in mind. Below is a selection of fine wines to serve next to your favorite white, milk or dark chocolate. Wines were reviewed and recommended based on taste, pairing compatibility and price.
Cooking with Wine
How to cook with wines to enhance a variety of dishes.
Riesling Wines
Riesling Wines, Germany's greatest grape has made a name for itself in the modern wine market. Easy to pair with a wide-variety of foods and relatively easy to grow, make this wine a popular choice for wine connoisseurs and wine masters alike.
Good, Cheap Pinot Noir for Under \$15
Pinot Noir recommendations very reasonably priced from $8-15.
White Wine and Calories?
White Wine Calories
White Wine Basics
white wine basics
Very Berry Sangria Recipe
This is a red wine sangria recipe that is based on the top fruits often found in many red wine varietals.
Pinot Grigio / Pinot Gris
Italy's most popular white wine produced from the Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris grape varietal.
Rosé Wine Top Picks
Rosé wines rosato rosado pink wines summer wines
Merlot: Quick Guide to this Popular, Versatile...
Merlot defined, with flavor profile, food pairings and key producers listed.
How To Host a Wine Tasting Party
A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather friends and family together to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varieties. Pairing wines with cheeses will only enhance your tasting experience. Read on for a list of ideal cheese and wine pairings.
White Lightning Sangria Recipe
White wine sangria recipe
Pairing Wine with Salmon
Pairing wine with salmon
Top Dessert and Ice Wines
Top Picks for the best dessert and ice wines available.
Madeira Wine
Madeira wine - find out how it was discovered, why the American colonists raved about it, how Madeira is made and where it is from.
Zinfandel defined. Wine.
Port Wine
Port wine - a Fortified Wine from originally from Portugal.
Wine Legs
The streaks that form on a wine glass when the wine is swirled, are they and indicator of quality or merely physics at work?
Shiraz and Syrah defined, flavors profiled, food pairings suggested and producers recommended.
Sizes of Wine Bottles
Sizes of Wine Bottles
Malbec Wines Recommendations & Reviews
Malbec Wines Recommendations & Reviews
Pairing Pinot Noir with Food
Pinot Noir Food Pairings
Pineapple Sangria Recipe
Pineapple Sangria Recipe. Wine.
Can I Store My Wine in the Refrigerator?
Can I Store My Wine in the Refrigerator?
Good, Cheap Rieslings Under 10 Bucks
Best Value Rieslings under $10
Top 10 Pinot Noir Wine Picks
Top 10 Pinot Noir Wine Picks
French Wine Regions
There are seven primary wine-producing regions in France. Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence and Rhone comprise the dominant French wine regions, with particular tribute paid to the red varietals of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone Valley.
Beef Burgundy Recipe with Wine
Beef Burgundy Recipe. Wine.
Instant Sangria
Instant Sangria. Wine.
Italian Wine Guide
Italian wines have a depth and character not seen in New World wines. The wines of Italy are reknown for their variety and versatility.
How to Store White Wine
How to Store White Wine
Wine Sulfites
wine sulfites
Strawberry Sangria Recipe
Strawberry Sangria Recipe. Wine.
Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under \$100
Best Cabernet Sauvignon Under $100
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc defined, with flavor profiles and food pairing suggestions. Also includes a few key producers to try.
Easy Red Wine Marinade
Red Wine Marinade
How to Store Wine
How to Store Wine
Best Kid-friendly Napa Valley Wineries
Best Kid-friendly Napa Valley Wineries
Top 10 Pinot Noir Recommendations From \$11-20
Pinot Noir wine recommendations priced from $11-20.
Brut Champagne
Brut Champagne. Wine.
Pairing Riesling Wines with Food
Pairing Riesling Wines with Food
Marsala Wine
Marsala Wine - Italy's classic fortified wine, that comes in both sweet and dry varities. Check out what Marsala is, how Marsala is made, how Marsala wines are classified and much more!
Riesling Wine Rules
Riesling Wine Classifications
Rosé Wines
Rose Wines
Top Value Chardonnay Recommendations Under \$10
Great Chardonnay recommendations priced under $10.
Bordeaux Wine
Bordeaux Wine
Spicy Sangria Recipe
Hot and spicy Sangria, a super summertime delight!
Great Wines for Pizza Night
Tip top wine recommendations to accompany your favorite Friday night pizza pie.
What is a Fortified Wine?
What is a Fortified Wine? How is a fortified wine made? What's the alcohol content of a fortified wine?
Best Bets for Box Wine
Best Bets for Box Wine
Riesling Wine Recommendations & Reviews
Riesling Wine Recommendations & Reviews
Malbec Food Pairings
Malbec Food Pairings, Learn how to pair Malbec with food
Types of Wine
Types of Wine
Ice Wine
Ice Wine
Prosecco. Wine.
Pairing Wines with Food
Wine and Food Pairing
St. Patty's Sangria
Irish Sangria uses Irish Whiskey and red Wine for Saint Patrick's Day
Passion Fruit Sangria
Use pineapple and passion fruit juice mixed with a sweet white wine, to make an unforgettable Sangria.
Christmas Dinner Wine Pairing Guide
Wine suggestions to accompany Christmas dinner. Whether you're serving ham, turkey, goose or prime rib - there is a red and white wine recommendation that is sure to please the guests gathered around your table.
Best Mimosa Recipes Around
Mimosas are often associated with special occasions or brunch events, bring your special occasion to a new level with a few new Mimosa recipes. From the traditional OJ and champagne to the Mama Mimosa, these recipes promise to add a festive flare to any occasion.
Red Wine and Resveratrol
Red Wine and Resveratrol
Baked Chicken Marsala Recipe
Baked Chicken Marsala Recipe. Wine.
Wine with Lobster
Wine with Lobster
Wine Flavors
Wine Flavors
Chianti, is both a wine and a wine growing zone in Italy's north-central region.
How many ounces in a red wine glass?
How many ounces in a red wine glass?
St. Patrick's Day - Irish Toasts and Blessings
A collection of the best Irish Toasts, Blessings and Proverbs.
Buying Bordeaux Wine
Buying Bordeaux Wine
Definition of Tannins in Wines
Italian Wines
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Gewurztraminer Wines
: A white grape grown predominantly in France, Germany, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, where the
Wine Refrigerator and Wine Cabinet Reviews
Wine Refrigerator and Wine Cabinet Reviews
Wine and Oak
Oak and Wine
Value Shiraz/Syrah Reviews
Find the best values in Shiraz and Syrah wines for under $15.
Sauternes and Sweet Bordeaux Wine
Sauternes Wine - Bordeaux's Sweet White Wines
Cabernet Franc
Cabernet Franc is a red grape grown in the Bordeaux and Loire Valley regions of France to produce a red wine with spicy aromas and fine tannins.
Malolactic Fermentation
Malolactic Fermentation. Wine.
The "Patriot" Sangria
This festive Sangria is perfect for the Fourth of July or any summer cookout! The Limoncello adds its
What exactly is Mead? It is a delicious honey wine that is made from fermented honey and has been made and enjoyed for centuries. Some believe it is the world's oldest alcoholic drink.
Screaming Eagle Wine
Screaming Eagle Wines
Kosher Wines
Kosher Wines
Top 10 Value Merlot Wine Recommendations for...
Top ten reasonably priced Merlot wines for under $10.
Raspberry Lemonade Sangria Recipe
Raspberry Lemonade Sangria Recipe
Wines for Weddings
When the subject of weddings come up, visions of meaningful wedding toasts and wonderful, bubbly champagnes often come to mind. But which champagne should your offer at your wedding? What about the best wedding wines to serve and savor on your special day? If you are a Wine Lover and are hoping to incorporate your passion for the vine into your big day there are plenty of unique and creative options to do just that!
Wines for Summer Grilling
Tips for matching wines with grilled foods and barbecue for summer fun.
Wine Refrigerators
Wine Refrigerators
White Wine Rosemary Chicken Recipe
White Wine Rosemary Chicken Recipe
White Wine Sauce and Italian Chicken over Pasta
A super easy, ultra tasty recipe that calls for white wine, a packet of Italian salad dressing mix, chicken and pasta.
Thanksgiving Wines
A Thanksgiving wine guide for your Turkey day.
Paleo with Wine?
Paleo with Wine
Passion Fruit Mimosa Recipe
This recipe takes the Basic Mimosa and turns it up a notch! Once you've enjoyed a Passion Fruit Mimosa, it is unlikely that you'll settle for the standard OJ and bubbles during your next celebratory brunch.
Tempranillo grapes. Wine.
What Drinks Pair Well with Chili?
What Drinks Pair Well with Chili?
Bordeaux Wine Classifications
Bordeaux Wine Classifications
Washing Wine Glasses
It sounds simple enough, I mean you wash juice and milk glasses all the time, what could be so special about washing a wine glass? Truth is, wine glasses do need just a bit more care in the washing arena. Keep in mind that the liquid in the wine glass is typically a bit pricier than your jug of milk or orange juice, so the extra measures to ensure a clean glass could be viewed as merely protecting your investment.
Top 4 Barolo Wine Recommendations
Barolo Wine Recommendations
Best Wine Apps for Android
Best Wine Apps for Android
Screw Cap Closures on the Rise
Screw caps on wine bottles, were once a sign of inferior wines, but they are on their way to becoming the wine bottle closure of choice for many winemakers.
Ordering Wines at a Restaurant
An insider's guide on how to order wine at a restaurant.
Sangiovese Definition
Typically Sangiovese grapes make medium to full-bodied wines with tannin structure ranging from medium-soft to firm.
The Mama Mimosa
Take your traditional Mimosa recipe and add a delicate splash of an orange liquer topped with crushed
Chardonnay Wine Recommendations & Reviews
Chardonnay Wine Recommendations & Reviews
Wine Clubs
Wine club reviews and wine club recommendations consolidated on a single site.
iPhone Wine Apps
iPhone Wine Apps
Beaujolais Nouveau
Beaujolais Nouveau defined. Wine.
Sparkling Wine Sangria Recipe
Sparkling wines up the celebration factor for any occasion and it's no different with sparkling wine based sangrias.
Pairing Wine with Soup
How to pair wine with soup, chili, and chowder.
Champagne and Sparkling Wine Reviews and...
Whether you are looking to bring in the New Year or toast a marriage, there are plenty of options at just as many price points.
Raspberry Limoncello Sangria Recipe
Raspberry Limoncello Sangria Recipe
Petit Verdot
Petit Verdot hails from Bordeaux, where it is most often used in the region's famous red blends to impart concentrated fruit flavor on the palate.
Spanish Wines and Regions
Spanish Wine Regions Wine Regions of Spain Wines from Spain rioja

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