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Osborne Wines


Osborne Wines

The Osborne Bull

Osborne is one of Spain's most distinguished wine and Sherry producers. They are family owned and operated and place an extremely high value on quality and consistency to offer consumers exceptional wines with equally attractive pricing.

Their vast company portfolio encompasses the well reputed Bodegas Montecillo wines from Rioja, Solaz wines from Tierra de Castilla and Dominio de Malpica wines also from Tierra de Castilla. Osborne Sherry, Brandy, Port and other distinguished spirits as well as delicious Iberian pork products, bottled water and TOROXL energy drinks, round out the comprehensive portfolio.

Osborne Wines to Try:

Osborne's Bodegas Montecillo Crianza (2004) from Rioja is a great place to get your feet wet with a 100% Tempranillo wine at a very reasonable price ($10). If you want to turn it up a notch, opt for Montecillo's 2002 Reserva, with bright red fruit and a hint of dark licorice. If you are a staunch traditionalist, consider Montecillo's Gran Reserva - a red wine with both intensity and elegance and brimming with dark cherry. Moving south, to Osborne's Tierra de Castilla wine collection - consider Osborne's Solaz Tempranillo Cabernet Sauvignon blend and their Solaz Shiraz Tempranillo - you won't be disappointed.

Osborne Sherries to Try:

Start off with an Osborne Fino Quinta for a fun alternative to appetizers and shellfish. Or consider the rich, full-bodied molasses and fig flavors of an Osborne Pedro Ximénez Viejo for a lovely Sherry splurge.

Osborne Website and Email Address:

Website: Grupo Osborne

Email: comunicaciones@osborne.es

Osborne's Malpica Winery Tours and Tastings :

Osborne's Malpica wine cellars, home of the Solaz wine brand, are located in Tierra de Castilla (near Toledo). Started in 2001, they have 2500 acres, and over a million and a half vines planted. They combine technology and tradition with style and elegance and that may just be why they host over 50 million visitors a year.

Tour times are: Monday-Friday 10:30 am, 1:30 pm, 4:30 and 5:30 pm; Sat-Sun: 10:30 am and 1:30 pm

Contact Info:

Website: Malpica Winery

Phone: 34 925 860 990

Email: vistas.bodegas@osborne.es

Address: Ctra Malpica - Pueblanueva Km 6, Finca "El Jaral", 45692 Malpica de Tajo (Toledo)

Osborne Sherry Tours and Tastings:

To tour Osborne's Sherry wine cellars at the Mora Winery in El Puerto Santa Maria, Spain, you'll need to book in advance. Tour times are: Monday-Friday 10:30 a.m. (tours in English, Spanish (of course) and German tours are offered daily).

Contact Information:

Website: Mora Winery

Phone: 34 956 869 100

Email: vistas.bodegas@osborne.es

Address: C/Los Moros, s/n - 11500 - El Puerto de Santa Maria

The Osborne Bull:

A profile on Osborne wines would be incomplete without a mention of the famed Osborne bull. There are just under 100 of these 8,000 pound, 45 feet tall black metal bulls dotting the country. The big, black bull was originally scripted to represent a line of Osborne brandy, but has since evolved into covering and symbolizing many of their wine and spirit products. It has evolved into expressing not just a company, but a people. Spaniards all over have embraced this "gentle" giant as an emblematic symbol of Spain’s cultural strength and fortitude, encompassing both country’s virtues and values in one fell swoop.
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