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Wine Gift Ideas

The Never-ending Search for the "Perfect" Wine Gift Continues


This year's Top Gifts for Wine Lovers Guide has you well covered with a variety of fresh new ideas as well as tried and true keepers that won't let you down! Searching high and low for the latest in wine gadgets, gear and trendy accessories, we've done all of the footwork for you, to make wine gift giving as easy as possible.

1. Wine Club Membership

Wine Clubs are a unique way to explore a variety of exceptional wines with the convenience of door-to-door shipping. There are wine clubs geared for a variety of wine enthusiasts: Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs, International Wine Clubs, Dessert Wines of the month and the list goes on.

2. Wine Gift Baskets

What could be more elegant and all-encompassing than an eye-catching, palate-packing gift basket? Check out these baskets from well-reputed producers like Coppola, BV, Dom Perignon and the like. A premium gift pack with stellar wines, delicious goodies and truly charming baskets - a hallmark gift idea for wine lovers everywhere!

3. Must Have Wine Accessories, Tools and Gadgets

Wine gadgets can be a dime a dozen with so many variations on bottle openers, cork stoppers and even wine aeration units, how do you know which ones work and which ones will just add to kitchen clutter? We've got the skinny on the best wine accessories, top tools and latest gadgets for your wine bucks below.

4. Wine Tasting Party Kit

While there are several compelling wine tasting and wine trivia games on the market, this particular game set turns the wine education level up a notch. Providing some serious wine sipping instruction in a hands-on, party-friendly format, the kit comes complete with tasting pads, bottle covers, wine bottle markers, and an easy-to-use primer on how to taste wine well. A fun and festive way to expand your wine education with friends and family, the Wine Tasting Party Kit is a top pick wine for this gift-giving season!

5. Good Wine Books

Kevin Zraly
Self-education is the name of the game when it comes to deepening your palate appreciation for wine. These wine books are easy introductions to the world of wine - taking the complicated and breaking it down to bite sized pieces.

6. Wine Gift Certificates

Who doesn't love a gift certificate? An easy option for making certain that the wine lover on your list has the flexibility to garner the wine gift or bottle that they really want.

7. Favorite Bottle of Wine

While, this may be the most obvious gift idea for the Wine Lover on your list, it gets better - often if your wine enthusiast has a favorite wine and you know the name, varietal, vintage and producer you can A) Just get them that bottle of wine or B) Contact the producer to see what they would recommend in either their "special release" selections or get advice on what you could upgrade to in the same or similar palate spectrum as their favored wine.

8. Wine Refrigerators

From six bottles to hundreds of bottles, there are a wide range of wine refrigerators on the market. The selection is large, the prices are good and best of all the wines will be sitting in a more controlled environment.

9. Wine Gift Sets

Wine.com has put together an assortment of classy wine gift sets. Check out the "Trophy Reds" (featuring Napa's Silver Oak), "Golf & Wine Legends," and the "90 Point Rated Wine Trio." Solid wine selections, that will take all of the guesswork out of gift giving for the devoted wine lover!

10. Wine Aroma Kit

Wine Aroma Kit, Le Nez Du Vin
For those wine oenophiles that are looking to take their wine game to the next level, the Wine Aroma kits are a hands-down favorite for accessing the dominant aromas found in red and white wines and expanding out to the prevailing aromatics for rosé, Armagnac, oak casks and even a close-up sniff of the most common wine faults. Working through an overview of the olfactory process and its important contribution to delineating between scent, aroma and flavor in addition to identifying a wine's primary, secondary and tertiary aromas, these unique kits allow users to gain incredible insight on the complexity of a wine's makeup from the ground up.

By training the nose to recognize a varietal's most common aromas, you cast a firm foundation for interpreting and experiencing wine to its fullest with each and every sip. Armed with instant aromatic associations via the multi-sensory, hands-on aroma vials of the most common scents found in wine, the Wine Aroma kit provides a solid reference point for building a cogent wine tasting foundation. Fun, informative and perfect for pairing parties, the Wine Aroma kit makes a tip top gift idea for the wine enthusiast in your life.

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