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Top 10 Must Have Wine Accessories, Tools and Gadgets

Take a Peek at the Best Wine Accessories for Your Kitchen


Wine gadgets can be a dime a dozen with so many variations on bottle openers, cork stoppers and even wine aeration units, how do you know which ones work and which ones will just add to kitchen clutter? We've got the skinny on the best wine accessories, top tools and latest gadgets for your wine bucks below.

1. Vinturi Wine Aerator

When time is short and you need to open a wine up in a hurry, the Vinturi Wine Aerator is the most efficient tool to get the job done right. Made from a tough, clear acrylic (and more than able to handle numerous hard drops on tile floors) the Vinturi is a brilliant way to let your wine mix and mingle with a good bit of air while pouring into a glass.

2. Basic Corkscrew

Made in Spain, Pulltap offers a solid, basic corkscrew with a serrated foil cutter and double-lever lift system to help win the battle of the cork. I like this corkscrew in particular because it is durable, has five full turns on the corkscrew and is super easy to use.

3. Wine Glasses

It should just go without saying, but the top wine accessory is a wine glass. While Riedel has conquered the consumer market for best-loved wine glasses (and for good reason), there are also plenty of cheaper glassware options for holding your favorite vino.

4. Wine Bottle Drip Stopper

If you are looking for a way to keep red wine stains from your countertops and tablecloths then this simple device is it. Basically a no-frills bottle neck ring, the drip stopper fits all 750ml bottles and is much cheaper than a new tablecloth!

5. Wine Decanter

Decanters are an old wine lovers best friend - aside from helping to remove sediment from an older wine, allowing the wine to have an increased surface area to breathe a bit will give both the wine's flavors and aromas an opportunity to put its best face forward.

6. Wine Bucket

A basic wine bucket is a must have in any wine enthusiast's wine accessory lineup. Fill half-way with ice and the rest with cold water, pop your bottle of bubbly or favorite white wine in for 15-20 minutes and voilà you are good to go with a well chilled bottle of vino. Also serves dual purpose as a classy dump bucket (gasp) for a series of wine tastings.

7. Wine Bottle Stoppers

The Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers are a top pick for slowing down the process of oxidation and securing a super seal on an open bottle of wine or Champagne. They are easy to use, come in lively colors and are made from a mix of rubber and steel, making them completely re-useable. They are also relatively inexpensive at four wine stoppers for $8.

8. World Wine Wheels

I just love wine wheels. They are a go-to prop on almost every wine tasting that I run, because they help new and experienced oenophiles alike to put words to aromas and names to tastes. They are a terrific, educational starting point on virtually every bottle of wine that you will taste and for $8 a pop they are a cheap investment into your ongoing wine education.

9. Wine Away - For Cleaning Up Inevitable Red Wine Spills

Wine Away
If you are a red wine lover, then you've likely learned a few sip tips - like wear black when you plan on having red wine out on the town, use a drip stop to pour your favorite reds at home and sometimes club soda can keep a red wine stain from setting, but when the inevitable red wine spills happen on your carpet, favorite outfit or one of a kind tablecloth you will be thrilled to have a bottle of Wine Away handy. I've used it on red wine stains on clothes, carpets and kitchen towels (also found it to be highly effective on kid's grass stains).

10. Wine Cork Kits

So wine cork kits may not be technically a wine "accessory," but they sure make interesting use of your favorite wine bottle corks and are fun wine conversation starters, wine memory savers and are a top spot for sticking grocery lists, to-do lists, pics and the like.
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