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iPhone Wine Apps


From needing a few spur of the moment wine recs while scouting at your local wine shop, to pairing wine with your favorite fare, there are plenty of wine-themed applications to partner with your iPhone. Many of these apps offer similar user experiences, with some geared deliberately to the novice wine lover and others for buyers that lean more heavily on cellar management tools. These apps are designed to be your on call sommelier, ready and willing to suggest a wine (and more) at the touch of a button.

1. Vivino Wine Scanner

Vivino Wine Scanner
One of the best all-purpose wine apps around, Vivino allows smartphone users to snap a label shot and use the image to look up the wine's tech sheets, ratings, winemaker's notes and more. Tracking your favorite wines and sharing them with friends has never been easier. Cost: free or $4.99 if you go pro.

2. Natalie MacLean iPhone Wine App

Natalie MacLean

If you've been to Natalie MacLean's website, NatDecants.com, you have an idea of what you're in for with her new wine app.  The Nat Decants Wine & Food Mobile App is truly an extension of her site, packed with food and wine pairing advice, and you can pick your starting point - the food or the wine and take your pairing from there. It's relevant, witty and always user-friendly, with fresh tips, real-time wine reviews and as always highly entertaining!  Cost: Free

3. Hello Vino iPhone Wine App

Image Courtesy of Hello Vino

This is an extremely user-friendly wine app, with a straight-forward interface and spot-on food and wine pairing recommendations.  The wine recs and reviews are available via wine.com and offer up what you would find on the shelves of most wine shops, making those spur of the moment wine shop decisions just a bit easier.  Cost: Free 

4. Cellar iPhone App

Cellar for iPhone

The Cellar iPhone App is targeted to those looking for some cellar management components, though if you are looking for assistance in managing a large cellar, this may not be what you are looking for.  Cost: $4.99

5. Drync Wine iPhone App

Drync Wine is a well-rated and user friendly iPhone wine app worth looking into. Along with what have become the "standard" wine finding features, this app boasts a solid cellar tracking component and 1.2 million wines in their database and over 250,000 professional wine reviews.   Drync Wine brings good overall functionality and is easy to use.  Cost: free to $4.99

6. Wine Enthusiast iPhone App

If you are looking for an iPhone app that will offer up wine reviews and recs at the touch of a button, this just may be your answer.  With over 500 new wine reviews added monthly, this is an app that will be up to date more often than not.  Of course the wines reviewed stem from the Wine Enthusiast magazine's hardcopy reviews. Plenty of easy search options based on price and ratings. The glossary of terms and preliminary vintage charts are solid starting points.  Cost: $4.99



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