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Good Wine Books


If you would like to take your wine game to the next level, it will likely require some serious self-education. These wine books are easy introductions to the world of wine - taking the complicated and breaking it down to bite sized pieces. From what the different wine regions offer to what foods go best with which wines and all the way to a fun-filled book by Doug Pike that showcases favorite wine quirks and blunders. 

1. Great Wine Made Simple

Andrea Immer Robinson
Making wine easier to understand, more fun to enjoy and allowing wine lovers at all levels to gather new knowledge and hands-on tasting experiences is what Great Wine Made Simple is all about. Master Sommelier, Andrea Immer Robinson, does a remarkable job of welcoming wine enthusiasts deeper into the world of wine in a friendly, down-to-earth style, using a pragmatic, hands-on tasting approach to wine and wine regions. Readers will enjoy the read and will have a blast during the well-designed wine tastings that accompany key wine concepts.

2. Windows on the World Complete Wine Course

Kevin Zraly
Kevin Zraly
Kevin Zraly's 25th anniversary edition of the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is a comprehensive wine education adventure. From wine regions and varietal tastings, to food-pairings and cellar tips, Kevin does a remarkable job of leading readers through a solid wine primer. What makes this book even better is that Kevin systematically holds your hand and personally guides you through regional wine tastings in a step-by-step format that allows you to get both a handle on the wine and an enticing glimpse of the wine region as a whole.

3. What to Drink with What you Eat

What to Drink with What You Eat is a comprehensive reference guide for finding your food's "true love." With a winsome spirit and a well stacked "advisory board" composed of the nation's top chefs and sommeliers, husband and wife team, Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg offer the best consolidated food and drink pairing guide on the market! This is one of those books you will want to keep handy, whether you are preparing for Friday night pizza or a more formal food-based gathering.

4. The New Sonoma Diet

Sonoma Diet

Whole foods, phytochemicals, micronutrients and antioxidants form the basis of the real nutrition that is unequivocally advocated throughout The New Sonoma Diet. With striking parallels drawn between famed Mediterranean fare and California coastal and wine country cuisine, The New Sonoma Diet puts a fresh face on one of the Old World's most significant culinary contributions.

5. Wanderlust Wining: The Outdoorsy Oenophile's Wine Country Companion

Price World Publishing
While wine grapes typically flourish in some of the world's most breath-taking places, making it a natural merger of sensory and physical exploration, many oenophiles have a laser-like focus on the wineries and can forget the wine country backdrop. In Wanderlust Wining, Jackenthal captures the two biggest lures to wine country and invites readers to explore both sides of the wine country coin, the wine scene itself and extending to full-throttle exploration of the region's back roads, back trails and surrounding vineyard scenery.

6. Red, White and Drunk All Over

This is not your typical wine book. Nope this one zealously offers the lowdown on the world of wine. From an interview with Robert Parker and time spent at Bonny Doon Vineyard with Randall Grahm - MacLean brings you face to face with some of the most prominent figures in the wine industry today. She introduces you to the personalities that create the wines of our times, the people who offer both the philosophies and the integrated sciences that make wine what it is and what it can be. Poetry, science, wit and wine wisdom all melded into one consolidated book, for your reading and educating pleasure!

7. Gone with the Wine

Gone with Wine
Presenting 100 hilarious cartoons that offer a funny and refreshing take on the wine world's most treasured traditions and crazy quirks.
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