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Wine and Health

Moderate wine consumption and potential health benefits - fact or fantasy? There is a growing body of scientific research that indicates the polyphenols found in red wines may offer significant antioxidant protection. This translates to chemicals found in red wines, have the potential to overcome free radicals that are bound and determined to cause cellular damage, which is a root cause of various forms of cancer and heart disease.

Red Wine and Resveratrol
Red Wine and Resveratrol

White Wine and Calories?
White Wine Calories

Paleo Wine
Paleo Wine

Wine Calories
Wine Calories

Wine Sulfites
wine sulfites

Why Wine Lovers Will Flock to the New Sonoma Diet
Wine and The New Sonoma Diet

Organic Wines
An introduction and review of Organic wines that are available to today's savvy consumer.

Medical Research and the Health Benefits of Moderate Wine Consumption
An overview of the potential health benefits offered by moderate wine consumption. A user-friendly site that sheds light on recent medical research in regards to the possible cardiovascular and cancer benefits of specific chemical compounds, polyphenols, found in red wines.

Red Wines and Antioxidants
Dr. Finkel, M.D., a Clinical Professor at Boston University Medical Center, provides a clear explanation of the latest research buzz on the potential health benefits of moderate wine consumption.

Medical Study on Red Wines Suggest Decreased Risk for Heart Attack
Medical study results found in the journal Atherosclerosis, suggest that the polyphenols found in red wines may lower both heart attack and stroke risk.

Red Wine and Heart Health
A synopsis of a British medical study on red wines that pinpoints one of the mechanisms in which red wines may decrease one's risk for heart attack.

How Many Calories in Red Wine?
Calories in Red Wines

Reserach Suggests Red Wine Boosts Good Cholesterol
French researchers find red wine may help boosts "good" cholesterol levels.

Is Red Wine Good For You?
Is Red Wine Good For You?

Which wine has the least sugar?
Which wine has the least sugar?

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