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Gewurztraminer Wines


Definition: A white grape grown predominantly in France, Germany, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, where the climate leans to the cooler side and the flavors have an opportunity to concentrate.

Flavor Profile:

Gewurztraminer can be made in dry or sweet varieties and are generally best if enjoyed sooner rather than later post-bottling. Flavors qualities include: honey, pumpkin spice, cinnamon, apricot, pear, and rose.

Food Pairings

These wines tend to pair well with Asian dishes or zesty-flavored fare like BBQ or chicken wings. The flavor and aromas often include rose, pear, citrus, spice and mineral.

Key Producers



Chateau Ste. Michelle


Domaines Schlumberger

Albert Mann

Avery Lane

J. Hofstatter

Pronunciation: ga-VERTZ-trah-mee-ner
Also Known As: Traminer, Tramini, Rousselet, Gewurtz or Gavurtz
Common Misspellings: Gavurtztraminer Gewurtztraminer
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