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Shiraz grapes
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Definition: You say "Shiraz," I say "Syrah" - it's the same grape none-the-less. In France it is known and grown as Syrah, and responsible for some of the Northern Rhone's big, bold red wines. However, in Australia and South Africa it goes by "Shiraz."

Shiraz is touted as Australia's spicy, big-hitting red wine. The Barossa and Hunter Valleys along with McLaren Vale are Australia's dominating Shiraz growing regions. As for the grape, it is a deep-purple color and produces medium to full-bodied wines.

Flavor Profile:

Shiraz wines display firm tannins (although they are typically ripe and smooth, not abrasive like younger reds can be), a medium to full body, and the rich round flavors of black cherry, blackberry, plum, bell pepper, black pepper, clove, licorice, dark chocolate and smoked meat.

Food Pairings

Shiraz is great for grilled meats or veggies, wild game, richly flavored red meats, beef stew and meat lover's pizza.

Key Producers to Try:

Hogue Cellars


Rosemount Estate

Miguel Torres

Columbia Crest

Wyndham Estate




Bodegas Balbi


Peter Lehmann



Pronunciation: Shiraz - "Shi-Rahz" ; Syrah - "Sih-Rah"
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