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Sangiovese Definition


Definition: Italy's most commonly planted red grape varietal, boasting over a dozen distinct clones, is a thin-skinned grape that tends to linger longer on the vine, takes its time to mature. Central Italy, specifically the region of Tuscany, is the agricultural heartland of the Sangiovese grape.

Italian Chianti and Chianti Classico wines are prime examples of popular wines produced predominantly from Sangiovese. Typically Sangiovese grapes make medium to full-bodied wines with tannin structure ranging from medium-soft to firm. Dominate flavors associated with Sangiovese derived wines include: cherry, plum, strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla. There is often a herbaceous quality associated with Sangiovese wines. As for acidity levels, Sangiovese leans towards medium to high acidity content. The finish can range from elegant to bitter.

Food Pairings

Well-matched for the flavors of chicken, red meat, fish, lamb, pork, pastas, stews or well-aged cheeses.

Key Producers to Try




Castello di Selvole


Tenuta dell'Ornellaia

Shafer Vineyards (try Firebreak)

Pronunciation: San-joe-Vay-say
Also Known As: Chianti grapes
Common Misspellings: sanjovisay
Sangiovese grapes make medium to full-bodied wines.
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