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Azienda Agricola Beconcini Pietro, il tempranillo della Toscana
Fabio Ingrosso/Flickr
Definition: The Tempranillo grape is the dominant grape varietal in Spain's Rioja wines. It produces a medium to full-bodied red wine with lower acidity and full fruit flavor characteristics. These wines are grown primarily in the Rioja and Ribera del Duero regions of Spain.

Flavor Profile - Tempranillo wines have characteristic flavors of plum, cherry, and strawberry often mixed with an earthy minerality.

Food Pairings - Tempranillo wines are perhaps one of the most food friendly wines around. They offer versatility and value - without forsaking flavor and lift. Consider pairing them with their hometown favorites - tapas, pork, grilled or roasted entrees.

Producers to try:


La Rioja Alta

Baron de Ley

Marques de Caceres


Pronunciation: Temp-ra-knee-oh
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