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Petit Verdot


Definition: Petit Verdot hails from Bordeaux, where it is most often used in the region's famous red blends to add dark violet color, stouter tannins and impart concentrated fruit flavor on the palate. However, because Petit Verdot tends to ripen later in the season it can be hit or miss, depending on the vintage, as to whether or not the fruit will actually make it to harvest and be a viable addition to a Bordeaux blend. With this in mind, New World growers have given Petit Verdot a second start in regions with consistent, extended growing conditions with solid results. By growing Petit Verdot in warmer climates the odds of maturing the grape on the vine increases significantly and has resulted in Petit Verdot being utilized not only in blends, but also as a front and center grape - being bottled as a single varietal.

Flavor Profile of Petit Verdot

Petit Verdot is a highly concentrated grape, exuding abundant color, structure and flavor - with many preferring to approach it with the "less is more" philosophy and diluting its potent power by blending. However, for those that have ventured out into the Petit Verdot spotlight, featuring the grape as a stand alone - the expected aromas circle around vanilla, smoke, spice, cedar, molasses and even tar. The Petit Verdot flavor profile often includes dense, dark fruit, to the tune of blackberry, black cherry and black plum.

Food Pairings: Due to the rigid tannin structure and concentrated nature of this wine, foods with plenty of weight, protein and fat are your best bets. Consider rich cuts of red meat, well-aged cheese (like Stilton) or wild game.

Petit Verdot Producers: While there are not many producers focusing on a single varietal Petit Verdot offering, there are several that are bottling Petit Verdot exceptionally well. Check out Trinchero Family Vineyards, Ballentine Vineyards and St. Supery.

Pronunciation: Peh-Tee Ver-Doh
Also Known As: Petit Verdot Noir, Verdot
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