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Chenin Blanc Wines


Definition: Chenin Blanc

A versatile grape from France’s Loire Valley, also grown with much success in South Africa and California. This white wine can range from dry to very sweet depending on the time of harvest, producing flavors that vary from apple, melon, lime and pear with hints of vanilla and honey. The best Chenin Blanc offers high acidity combined with a touch of viscosity – leaving an oil-like mouth feel.

Ideal food pairings include: Salads, mild to spicy rice dishes, sushi, seafood and white meats.

Recommended Chenin Blanc:

    Ken Forrester Petit Chenin (Stellenbosch) $10-25
    Chappellet Chenin Blanc $13
    de Trafford Chenin Blanc $ 23
Pronunciation: Sheh-nan Blahnk
Also Known As: Steen, Vouvray
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