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Storing & Serving Wines

A look at how to properly store wine for optimum drinkability. Temperature, humidity, light and bottle position are all key factors in determining where to store your wine. With an overview of how to serve various wines. Take a look at serving temperatures, pouring wine and glassware options.
  1. How to Store Wine (7)

Wine Refrigerators
Wine Refrigerators

How to Store Wine
How to Store Wine

Wine Corkscrews and Bottle Openers
Wine Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Wine Serving Temperatures
Wine serving temperatures vary depending on the varietal and style.

Chilling Wine
Quick tips for chilling white wines.

The Art of Washing Wine Glasses
It sounds simple enough, I mean you wash juice and milk glasses all the time, what could be so special about washing a wine glass? Truth is, wine glasses do need just a bit more care in the washing arena. Keep in mind that the liquid in the wine glass is typically a bit pricier than your jug of milk or orange juice, so the extra measures to ensure a clean glass could be viewed as merely protecting your investment.

Screw Caps - The Wine Bottle Closure of Choice?
Screw caps on wine bottles, were once a sign of inferior wines, but they are on their way to becoming the wine bottle closure of choice for many winemakers.

Cellaring Wines
Tips on cellaring your favorite wines.

Opening a Bottle of Wine
Tips and tricks for opening bottles of wine, even when the cork has been damaged.

How to Decant Wine
A quick reference to decanting wines.

How to Store White Wine
Is it OK to store white wines in the frig? What are ideal storing temperatures for white wines? How long should I store my white wine bottles? Find out the answers to these questions and more...

How to Use a Corkscrew
How to Use a Corkscrew

Wine Storage Cabinets

What is a Corked Wine?
What is a corked wine

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