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Best Mimosa Recipes Around


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Mimosas are often associated with special occasions or brunch events, bring your special occasion to a new level with a few new Mimosa recipes. From the traditional OJ and sparkling wine/Champagne (also known as a "Buck's Fizz") to the Mama Mimosa, these recipes promise to add a festive flare to any occasion.

The Traditional Mimosa

It doesn't get any easier than this, the basic Mimosa recipe calls for a bottle of your favorite champagne and orange juice. Two dashes of each and you are ready to celebrate a wedding, graduation, Mother's day, whatever the occasion - nothing says "fancy brunch" like a Mimosa.

The Passion Fruit Mimosa

This recipe takes the Basic Mimosa and turns it up a notch! Once you've enjoyed a Passion Fruit Mimosa, it is unlikely that you'll settle for the standard OJ and bubbles during your next celebratory brunch.

The Mama Mimosa

Take your traditional Mimosa recipe and add a delicate splash of an orange liquer topped with crushed raspberry ice - this Mimosa is not called the "Mama Mimosa" for nothing!

Morning Glory Mimosa

The Morning Glory Mimosa takes your basic mimosa recipe and brings it to new heights with the addition of pineapple flavored vodka. The combination of citrus, bubbles and exotic pineapple knocks this one out of the park. See for yourself.

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