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Wine Cocktails

Wine-based Cocktails Enjoy Historical Heritage and Trendy Resurgence


Wine Cocktails
Image Courtesy of Martini Asti
While cocktails made with wine are by no means a new creation, they are enjoying a healthy revival as mixology continues to fan the creative flames of cocktails near and far. Wine cocktails were at their height in the early 1900s, with table wines and fortified wines both used as the drink base, then Prohibition took its toll on cocktails of all varieties. However, with mixologists looking for ways to craft better beverages and more than willing to experiment with a variety of spirits, many have turned to wine-based cocktails as a direct route to making the traditional cocktail more food-friendly.

Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Admittedly sparkling wine cocktails tend to be my favorite. Typically they are a snap to make, bring festive bubbles to the mix, pair well with a variety of food and are just downright delicious.

Want to move beyond the mimosa? Then check out some of our top picks for sparkling wine cocktails:

The Bellini - Perhaps Italy's most famous wine cocktail, based on the popular sparkling wine of Prosecco. Peaches and Prosecco - it doesn't get much easier (or yummier) than this one.

"Pomosa" Champagne Wine Cocktail - In this wine cocktail, Pomegranate Vodka shakes it up with some serious bubbles.

Chandon's Valentine Crush Sparkling Wine Cocktail - A creative mix of fruit sorbet and sparkling wine.

Starry Night Champagne Wine Cocktail - A tasty twist on the sparkling wine cocktail front, with pink bubbly and Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka. Delish!

Breathless Charm from Distillery No. 209 - A Prosecco-based wine cocktail that spotlights citrus, sage and spice.

Martini Asti Red Blush Wine Cocktail - This is a straight-forward, budget friendly, fresh fruit-forward wine cocktail from Martini Asti.

Red Wine Cocktail Recipes

While mulled wine and sangrias both fall definitively into the red wine cocktail category, the cocktails listed below tend to steer towards the "traditional" wine based mixed drink.

Ecco Sidro Wine Cocktail - This wine cocktail takes its inspiration from apple cider and then turns it up a notch.

The Bishop Red Wine Cocktail - The Bishop red wine cocktail takes a swing at citrus and red wine with a touch of powdered sugar in the mix. A simple summer sipper...

White Wine Cocktail Recipes

The White Wine Spritzer - Ultra easy, combine white wine and club soda.

Kir White Wine Cocktail - A classic French cocktail based on white wine and crème de cassis.

Ecco Frutta White Wine Cocktail - Mango and kiwi marry in this lively white wine cocktail from Ecco Domani. Perfect for summer sipping.

Looking for more cocktail recipes? Check out About.com's guide to Cocktails. Have a wine cocktail that you'd like to share, please post it on the wine forum.

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