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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover


Get great Valentine's Day gift ideas for the wine enthusiast in your life. Playing Cupid with some of our top picks for Valentine's Day wine-themed gifts, we've gathered our favorite go-to wine treasures to make sharing the love a little easier. From wine accessories to wine club memberships, take a peek at the latest ideas in the world of wine.

1. The Gift of Wine

Shafer Vineyards

There are several ways to go about buying wine as a gift. You can start with a favorite varietal or a favorite region or you can set a price point (and rest assured that the pricier wines don't always guarantee an increase in quality or complexity). We'll do a combination of all three wine gift-giving strategies and hopefully, send you out with some winning gift wines.

2. Trendy Wine Accessories

Searching high and low for the perfect Valentine's gift? Wine gadgets and chic accessories are a tip-top starting point for easy gift-giving ideas. Check out our favorites here.

3. Best Wine Books

Kevin Zraly
Kevin Zraly
Taking personal wine knowledge to the next level, via self-education and reading the wine whims of the industry's best sommeliers, authors, and wine experts. These wine books are easy introductions to the world of wine - taking the complicated and breaking it down to bite sized pieces. From wine region spotlights to food pairing protocol and everything in between, there's a book and a wine for everyone.

4. Wine Club Membership

Getty Images / Photographer's Choice
A wine club membership, the real gift that keeps on giving, month after month. You determine how many months, which wine club best fits your special Valentine's tastes and each month brings a new wine adventure to their doorstep. Price range $30-180 per month.

5. Valentine's Day Wine Gifts & Baskets

For a trendy Valentine's gift idea, Wine.com offers up some cute and classy Valentine's Day wine themes. Many marry chocolate and wine (well) and stay the course with Cupid's favorite colors of red, white and rosé.

6. Sweet Trader's Chocolate Dipped Wines

Sweet Traders
A delicious assortment of chocolate covered wines. You choose a Guittard chocolate covered wine ranging from sparkling, red or white wines and even a port to have sent to your special someone. The chocolate and wine is already paired, you just "unzip" the chocolate and pour the wine for an immediate Valentine's day gift for the taste buds! Sweet traders is also a top pick for an assortment of luxury chocolates, gourmet gift baskets and corporate gifts - they offer a unique avenue for gift wines and an amazing collection of sweets and treats. The perfect chocolate and wine gift for your Valentine. Price range: $25+

7. Wine Lover's Chocolate Tins

At last it has been done! An easy way to perfectly pair wine and chocolate. This is a chocolate tin six-pack ith varying degrees of chocolate intensity to pair with specific red wine varietals. Each eye-catching tin of chocolate is appropriately labeled for each varietal - making your job of tasting easier than ever. A top-pick gift idea for Valentine's day - Wine Lover's Chocolate Tins, and reasonably priced at only $20!

8. A Gift Certificate for Wine

Site offers a vast selection of premium wines and accessories for your Valentine. A gift certificate offers flexibility and convenience, while still assuring your special someone that you have incorporated both creativity and insight into your gift giving options. Price range: your choice
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