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Gift Ideas for Wine Lovers


Gift giving opportunites abound year round, but none are as concentrated as in the month of December! From Christmas gifts to Hanukkah, and hostess favors to birthdays - drumming up ideas for the wine lover on your gift list can be a daunting task on an annual basis! Fear not, this year's Top 10 Gifts for Wine Lovers Guide has you more than covered with a variety of fresh new ideas as well as tried and true keepers that won't let you down!

1. Chocolate Covered Wine - Literally the wine bottles are uniquely hand-dipped in dark, milk or white gourmet Guittard chocolate, perfectly paired with each wine selection - what could be better than wine and chocolate?! As for the wines themselves, you won't be disappointed! Sweet Traders offers a wide range of familiar favorites from reds to whites and they even include a lovely selection of sparkling wines. The presentation is elegant, the idea is novel and the combination of wine and chocolate is unsurpassed as far as wine gift-giving goes! Price range: $28-70

2. St. Supery's Élu and Virtú Napa Valley Gift Pack - Talk about classy, sophisticated and well-received! This is one gift that I wouldn't mind opening several times over on Christmas morning! A beautifully presented bottle of St. Supery's limited production wines: the 2006 Virtu (Semillon/Sauvignon blanc blend) and the 2003 Elu (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot) both based on classic Bordeaux blends, these Meritage wines are sure to please even the pickiest of palates! Definitely the type of gift that you'll want to stick around to see if they pop the top and share the very merry flavors of Virtu ("good" or "virtuous") and Elu ("elected")! Price: $93

3. Wine Clubs - Wine Clubs are a unique way to explore a variety of exceptional wines with the convenience of door-to-door shipping. There are wine clubs geared for a variety of wine enthusiasts: Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs, International Wine Clubs, Dessert Wines of the month and the list goes on. Price range: $30-180

4. Wine Reading - One of my favorite wine books is still What to Drink with What You Eat by Dornenburg and Page. This is a comprehensive reference guide for finding your food's "true love." With a winsome spirit and a well stacked "advisory board" composed of the nation's top chefs and sommeliers, this book offers the best consolidated food and drink pairing guide on the market! Price $25

    Wine Magazines- From Wine Spectator to Wine Enthusiast - there is always plenty to read between the vines! Price: $30-50

5. Napa Style - Chef Michael Chiarello brings a unique site with wine country themed decor, cookware, gifts, and accessories for hosting an elegant wine tasting or an informal barbecue. Price range: $8-200+

6. Gift Certificates- Who doesn't love a good gift certificate? Consider Wine.com; K&L Wines and the like. Price: your call

7. Favorite Bottle of Wine - OK, so this may seem like the most obvious gift idea for the Wine Lover on your list, but it gets better - often if your wine enthusiast has a favorite wine and you know the name, varietal, vintage and producer you can

    A) Just get them that bottle of wine or
    B) Contact the producer to see what they would recommend in either their "special release" selections or get advice on what you could upgrade to in the same or similar palate spectrum as their favored wine.

8. Wine Gift Baskets What could be more elegant and all-encompassing than an eye-catching gift basket? Check out these baskets from well-reputed producers like Ravenswood and Mondavi. A premium gift pack with stellar wines, delicious goodies and truly charming baskets - a hallmark gift idea for wine lovers everywhere! Price range: $30-200+ Compare Prices

9. Personalized Wines- Winelabel.com offers an innovative way to personalize wine gifts for friends, family, employees or colleagues. You choose the wine, the message and whether you would like labels for a wine you already have or whether you would like to coordinate the label or etching with one of Winelabel.com's premium wines.

10. Wine Accessories - Everything from cellars to decanters, and wine charms to themed wine-wear, this site offers a multitude of options for gift-giving and gift-getting! There is a wide range of price points to suit most any budget. If you just can't figure out where to start, this site is your best bet. Compare Prices

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