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Wanderlust Wining: The Outdoorsy Oenophile's Wine Country Companion

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Wanderlust Wining: The Outdoorsy Oenophile's Wine Country Companion

The Bottom Line

While wine grapes typically flourish in some of the world's most breath-taking places, making it a natural merger of sensory and physical exploration, many oenophiles have a laser-like focus on the wineries and can forget the wine country backdrop. In Wanderlust Wining, Jackenthal captures the two biggest lures to wine country and invites readers to explore both sides of the wine country coin, the wine scene itself and extending to full-throttle exploration of the region's back roads, back trails and surrounding vineyard scenery.
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  • User-friendly resource for planning active wine country travel to America's favorite wine regions.
  • Up-to-date contact info. for wineries, outdoor outfitters, food and lodging
  • Unique travel guide that combines adventure travel with foodie lifestyle
  • experiencing the regions and the wines accessible and enjoyable
  • Well organized for easy reference


  • Could possibly use more regional maps for visual lay of the land


  • Author: Stefani Jackenthal
  • Publisher: Price World Publishing
  • 278 pages, covering the wine regions of California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Virginia, Texas and Colorado

Guide Review - Wanderlust Wining: The Outdoorsy Oenophile's Wine Country Companion

It's not everyday that you encounter a wine country travel book that encourages readers to engage a wine region's terroir both by foot (peddle, paddle or hoof) and glass. By killing two birds with one very capable stone, Stefani Jackenthal has created a single volume, chock-full of top tips for exploring a wine region's must-see wineries, hiking and biking trails and exclusive regional stops.

In an easy to use format, perfect for packing along, Wanderlust Wining brings an inspiring balance of itinerary options for those whose active lifestyles and foodie passions drive their travel plans. By covering California's heavy-hitters like Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles to the hidden gems of Virginia, New York and Colorado wine regions, wine lovers nationwide can find accessible wine country travel opportunities that woo the outdoor enthusiast and oenophile in one fell swoop.

Sure to give plenty of energetic choices, ranging from kayak to horseback and hiking to biking, for exploring the great outdoors along with a healthy dose of relevant regional wine background, Wanderlust Wining seamlessly combines the pursuit of the perfect grape with handy lodging and restaurant recommendations.

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