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Buying Wine

Whether you are buying wine in a restaurant, a wine merchant's shop or online, this guide to selecting wine will help get you started.

Online Wine Buying Guide
Buying wine online is perhaps easier than ever, there are a wide variety of online merchants ready and very willing to sell you the vintage of your choice. Take a look at the Online Wine Buying Guide below and see if their prices and vintage availability don't knock your socks off!

The Basics of Selecting Wine
The three "P"s of selecting wines are Price, Preference and Pairing. Keep these in mind when visiting your local wine merchant and you will likely come away with a winning wine.

Ordering Wines at a Restaurant
So you are at your favorite restaurant and out comes the intimidating, leather bound wine list, which can often have anywhere from 20-40 different types of wines from various countries with equally varied pricetags. How do you go about ordering wine for your table?

Wine Clubs
Wine Clubs are a unique way to buy wine, while exploring unique wines with the convenience of door-to-door shipping. There are wine clubs geared for a variety of wine enthusiasts: Red Wine Clubs, White Wine Clubs, International Wine Clubs, Champagne Wine Clubs and the list goes on.

20 Good Value Wines Under 10 Bucks
Check out some of the market's best value wines, under the $10 mark. These budget friendly wines have good consumer accessibility at very welcoming price points. These wines are easy to find, easy to drink and very food-friendly (three pre-requisites that most wine lovers appreciate!).

Cheap Wine: Top Tips for Buying Good, Cheap Wine

Wine of the Week:

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