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Domaine - Wines - About.com
Definition: In terms of wine, a Domaine is a word most often used in France, specifically Burgundy, to refer to an estate that produces wine. It differs from ...
Wine Terms - Wines - About.com
... the the world of wine. A quick reference guide with easy to understand definitions. ... Acidity in Wines · A working definition of the acidity found in wine. Share ...
Riesling Wines - The Other White Wine - About.com
Definition: Riesling wines originated in Germany's Rhein and Mosel river valleys, it was here that this white grape gained its tenacious foothold in today's ...
Definition: DNS - Domain Name Service - Web Design/HTML
The definition of the Internet term DNS or Domain Name Service.
FQDN Definition (Fully Qualified Domain Name) - PC Support
A fully qualified domain name (FQDN) is one that includes both a hostname and a complete domain name.
What Is DNS - Domain Name System in Computer Networking
Definition: The DNS translates Internet domain and host names to IP addresses. DNS automatically converts the names we type in our Web browser address bar  ...
target domain - definition and examples of target domains in ...
Definition: In a conceptual metaphor, the quality or experience described by the ... is concrete and based on sensory experience, the target domain is abstract.
What Is a Domain Name Server (DNS)? - Wireless/Networking
The Domain Name System (DNS) is a standard technology for managing the names of ... The DNS is a distributed system, meaning that only the 13 root servers ...
What Is a 'Domain Name'? - About Internet for Beginners
Web addressing can be so confusing. There are domain names vs. ip addresses vs. URL's, and no one has explained them to you. Don't fear, friends, ...
Incomplete Dominance - A Genetics Definition - Biology - About.com
Definition of the term incomplete dominance. ... Rosendahl/Public Domain Image. Definition: Incomplete dominance is a form of intermediate inheritance in ...
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