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Pairing Food and Wine

Food and wine. They should bring out the best in one another, and often times they do, but knowing which wines work out best with which foods and why is a key component to setting  a pattern of successful pairings? Take your food and wine pairing to a new level with these quick tips that account for sauces, textures, and innate flavor profiles. 

Wine Spotlight10

Petite Sirah Wine

Petite Sirah Wine

Alsace Wines - Six to Try

Alsace Wines to Try, Best Alsatian Wines

Piedmont Wine

Piedmont Wine

Strawberry Lime (with mint) Sangria Recipe

Strawberry Lime (with mint) Sangria Recipe

Alsace Wine: A Beginner's Guide to Alsatian Wines

Alsace Wine Guide

Wine of the Week: The Prisoner 2012 (CA) $39

The 2012 Prisoner is a wild-hearted wine inspired by Napa's "original" blended reds built by Italian immigrants.  A gutsy mix of Zinfandel, Cabernet

Wine Bottle Sizes

While most are familiar with the standard 750 ml wine bottle sizes, or the split 375 ml, there are actually over ten unique wine bottle sizes made today.

Wine of the Week: Freixenet Sparkling Cordon Negro Brut Cava (Spain) $12

One of the best-selling Cavas on the market, Freixenet's Cordon Negro Brut offers up exceptional citrus and toasted almond notes on the nose. Built on

Best Bets for Cava Wine

Cava is Spain's delicious (and affordable) answer to the bubbly sparkling wine scene.  Utilizing the same method for making sparkling wine as Champagne,

Cava Sparkling Wine: Top Brands to Try

Cava Spain's Sparkling Wine

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